Appreciation for
health is boundless!

We improve the lives we touch through extraordinary care and compassion.

They’re doing a good job all the way around, good food, good nurses and good management.

-Michael S.

We have put my fiance in Complete Care at La Plata. The nurses are good. If something happens, they let us know right away. They take good care of his wounds. The speech therapist and physical therapist work with him, so all in all I think they’re very good.

-Carolyn R.

Everyone I interacted with seemed friendly and my mom got along well with the staff from what she told me. They did appear to offer plenty of activities and interaction for the residents.

 -Mary S.

The staff CARES. They are kind, stay in contact with us, and know their patients by name. Thanks for taking good care of my grandmother!

-Linsey S.

Caring Relationships Resonate!

The close relationships forged between staff and family at Complete Care at La Plata are authentic. That’s why so many of the individuals who have gotten better under our care keep up with us. Many share their family milestones, send us photos of their loved ones, call our staff members on their birthdays—or just send us their best holiday wishes.


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